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  Money Transfer Service
  Zsaina International Samoa Agent
  Fast Service
  Cooking Ware items
  Toys and Bikes
  Digicel, SamoaTel Phone Cards
  General Merchandise
  Credit & Debit Card Accepted
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  Tapa Cloth Island Music
  Ava Bowl Fine Mats
  T-Shirts Souvenirs
  Lotion & Oil Baskets and Trays
  Puletasi Soap
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  Fax Color Copies
  Typing B/W Copies
  Email Business Cards
  Chatting Printing Service
  Games CD Printing
  Birthday Cards CD Copy
  Stationery Items DVD Copy
  Internet Service File Transfer
Karaoke ShowBiz
  Birthday Parties
  Start Search paricipants
  Professional Singers avaiable
  Private Rooms
  Karaoke Musics
  Karaoke Equipment Rental
  Bring your own Drinks
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Tulipe Hair Dresser
  Best hairDresser in Town
  Resonable Rate
  Reliable Service
  Flexible Hours
  Location visits avaiable
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Jotta Fale local info
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